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About US
SAĞLAM METAL's operations involve two groups of materials:
1) Special Steels
This group of steels, which includes tool steels and stainless steels, is obtained from leading manufacturers such as Dörrenberg.
2) Copper Alloys
These alloys are also known as ‘Hard Copper Alloys’. Their high mechanical and physical properties are their main characteristics.
Alloys such as our Cupromax, Cupro CNB and Cupro B2 have superior characteristics that make them very suitable for use in electrodes for welding machines, for machinery and tool manufacturers.
SAĞLAM METAL's staff consist of 130 people, with 19 Metallurgical Engineers and 3 Mechanical Engineers. Our 9 Sales Engineers continuously visit our customers. At our plant in Gebze we also employ one Occupational Health and Safety expert, a physician and an environmental consultant. We serve our industrial partners from seven locations.


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