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Sağlam Metal A.Ş. strives to apply the most advanced quality systems in the production of hard copper alloys and in the sales and marketing of steel and non-ferrous metals, to ensure information security and to set a higher standard for competition and export. 


To achieve this, we are committed to:


-        Make customer satisfaction a priority,

-        Closely follow technological development and apply them within the company,

-        Lower costs by producing it right the first time,

-        Ensure the participation of all personnel,

-        Contribute to the development of our suppliers,

-        Embrace continual improvement,

-        Determine the value of information assets through appropriate risk assessment, understand the weak 

         points and the threats that could present a risk,

-        Reduce risks to acceptable levels,

-        Follow the law,

-        Comply with the control procedures and instructions,

-        Ensure compliance with ISO9001-AS9100-ISO 27001 standards,

-        Protect and improve the level of information security with a cost-effective control infrastructure over time,

-        Reduce the impact of information security threats to service continuity and contribute to continuity,

-        Manage information assets, identify security values, needs and risks of assets, develop and implement security risk controls


     Our staff shall carry out their tasks in accordance with these principles.



Hakan Koçak


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