Ring – Çap
Density :
External Diameter :
Internal Diameter :
Length :
Density :
Width :
Thickness :
Length :
KG   Calculation

Sağlam Metal has updated the site of its subsidiary company Bolokur (http://www.bolokur.com), a technical publishing house specialising in translating and publishiğng reference books for the iron and steel industry. Bolokur collaborates with leading German publishers such as Stahliesen and Europa Lehrmittel and has so far translated and published the following titles:

Tabellenbuch Metall/Mechanical and Metal Trades Handbook

Stahlfibel/Steel Manual

Stahl erobert die Welt/Steel Conquers the World


Bolokur also translates and publishes the Turkish language edition of Stahliesen's MPT magazine.