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Cupro Max CuCrZr



Cr Zr Others Cu
1.00 0.10 0.20 Remaining




Code : DIN 17666 – W. Nr. 2.1293 – 44759, A2/2, EN: CW 106C, AFNOR: UC1Zr, USA: CDA: C18150, C18200, C18400, RWMA: Class 2, CuCr1Zr

Cupro Max CuCrZr Material Properties: This is a copper alloy with high electrical conductivity. When alloyed with chromium and zirconium, wear resistance increases. Wires can be shaped by erosion.

Cupro Max CuCrZr Areas of Application:
•Electrode tips and disks of low carbon steel and galvanized steel in resistance welding
• Continuous casting steel and aluminum moulds
• Plunge spark erosion machine electrodes
• Refrigerator parts and moulds for casting of non-ferrous metals
• The pistons of aluminum injection molding machine
• Plastic packaging welding and seam welding ends
• Nozzles of injection molding machines
• As cathode plate carrier and in electroplating
• Plastic extrusion and forming tool used in refrigeration
• In electrical equipment, contacts, pins, contact bars

Heat Treatment: Heat-treated condition is delivered.

Mechanical Properties :

Hardness HB 120-140
Tensile Strength N/mm² 370-400
Yield Strength N/mm² 300-320
Elongation L=5D % 18
Modulus of Elasticity (20 °C)  kN/mm² 122


Physical Properties:

Electrical Conductivity % 86
Coefficient of Thermal Expansion 1/K 17
Thermal Conductivity  (20 °C)  (W/mK) 320
Density (g/cm3) 8.9


Available Sizes: Ø100 - 120 mm extruded circles. Various blade sizes. Also, as per the customer's specifications.


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