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Products Bronze



Forging Alloys

Area of Application

Copper tin phosphor (Cu-Sn-P) phosphor bronze alloys.

Copper tin lead phosphorus (Cu-Sn-Pb-P) leaded phosphor bronze alloys.

Copper aluminum (Cu-Al) aluminum bronze alloys.

Copper silicon (Cu-Si) silicon bronze alloys.

Wear plates, bearings, non-magnetized parts, rods and profiles, gears, punch-forged parts, tubular plates, pipes and hard casings, pressure tanks, reaction and distillation tanks, chain propellers, compressor propeller blades, shaft components, non-sparking tools, mason fixing parts, springs, clips, valve shafts, pipe fittings.

Casting Alloys

Area of Application

Copper-tin (Cu-Sn) tin bronze alloys.

Copper-tin-lead (Cu-Sn-Pb) leaded and high lead tin bronze alloys.

Copper-tin-nickel (Cu-Sn-Ni) nickel tin bronze alloys.

Copper-aluminum (Cu-Al) aluminum bronze alloys.

Deep drawing dies, rolling equipment, bushings machine parts, slideways, liquid displacement propellers, ship propellers, shafts, pumps and valves, water-cooled compressors, tubular plates, heat exchanger parts, bearings, gear selector fork, synchronization rings, non-sparking hand tools, glass molds, pipe fittings, rudders and propeller consoles, pressure die casting parts, continuous cast rods and profiles, centrifugal casting rings, channel covers, gear and gear components.