Ring – Çap
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tool steel


The Register of European Steels lists more than 2,300 steel grades, about 1,500 of which are classified as special steels. In addition to these standardized steels, there are also many non-standard steel grades. Production of such special steels, which have certain properties, requires extensive knowledge, which is mostly available in industrialized countries. The greatest potential for the steel to be developed as a material exists in these kinds of steels.

From these steel groups, we offer tool steels, stainless steels, nitration steels, quenched and tempered steels and carbon steels.

The cold work tool steels, hot work tool steels, plastic mold steels, high speed steels, powder metallurgy steels and nitration steels are produced by our partner "Dörrenberg Edelsthal", German company with 300 years of steel production experience.

We offer all kinds of steel alloys, including next generation tool steels, which are developed with deep knowledge and high technology for the manufacturing industry.